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A guy 3 years ago
I could be playing Apex rn but I'm too busy stroking my shlong
Yoooo 3 years ago
That's a good ass friend
bob 3 years ago
I have a final in 6 hours
Oh aye 3 years ago
Wish I had a friend like that
Joe 3 years ago
Raise your hand if you're still a virgin
SwaggerSouls 3 years ago
I came on my juul because i had to stop
Skinny penis 3 years ago
its ya boy,,,.... . Skinny penis
Surprise 3 years ago
Was netflix and chilling with my girl one time and we were doing this under the covers when her redneck dad walks in mid stroke. He starts up a long conversation about who knows what, the whole time my man had no idea I was inside of his daughter haha
WickedRabbit 3 years ago
Dudeee She Fell in sleep During Sex? U can Hear her Soaring LMAO, How Drunk was she?
Aye! 3 years ago
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